MFCrowd service

A crowdfunding platform project called MFCrowd appeared in Freeland. This project is currently in open beta testing.

Crowdfunding was conceived as a base tool for the development of Freeland. Its development is already lasting for more than a year. Bank of ideas become an intermediate stage of its development.

At the moment, a beta version of the project has been provided to the community for testing. Current version of the project makes it possible to conduct a full cycle of crowdfunding:

  • create a project
  • gives ability to support a project
  • automatic finishing of fundraising on time
  • ability to cancel a fundraising
  • ability to withdraw funds in case of successful financing of the project.

The service also provides a functional personal account with statistics on user’s actions and other minor features.

The next step is to analyze the results of beta testing, polishing the project and production.