Overview of MFCoin exchanges

Consider the exchanges which have MFCoin for trading, their advantages, as well as useful functionality for MFC users.

The coin is currently traded on 6 exchanges: Crex24, Stex, BitexBook, OCCE, Richamster and 50x.

  1. Crex24.com – It is a modern exchange of crypto, has been operating since 2017.
  • The list of traded pairs is constantly increasing.
  • From fiate currencies available: RUB, USD, CNY, JPY, UAH, EUR;
  • Number of available cryptocurrencies: 447;
  • For MarketMakers their paid a ribate (additional remuneration);
  • No mandatory verification required (KYC);
  • Quick support answers.
  • An app is available on Android.

You can top up your account and withdraw money from it with both crypto and fiate currencies, including using a credit card.

Also available are “Cranes” and “dice”

Cranes allow all registered users to receive crypto free of charge. Each available currency has its own payment period and amount. Just click Get and the coins are credited to your account.

APIs and access level delimitation for API keys are available to developers.

  • MFCoin input confirmations: 81 (~2 hours 42 minutes).
  • MFCoin output fee: 0.5 MFC (fixed).

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2. Stex.com – Crypto trading platform, registered on April 25, 2018 in Estonia.

  • Support for more than 130 cryptocurrencies and tokens that are actively traded;
  • Fiat support (only after verification);
  • From fiate currencies available: USD, RUB, EUR;
  • available on IOS and Android;
  • the referral program is available.

APIs with examples on PHP, NodeJS, Ruby and Swift are available for developers.

Periodically, the exchange charges various tokens for active user trades.

  • MFCoin input confirmations: 25 (~50 min).
  • MFCoin output fee: 0.1% – 0.01% (depends on account verification).

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3. BitexBook.com

  • marginal trade is added;
  • Availability of BITEX CODE tool for transfer of funds between users within the exchange without commissions;
  • Possibility of replenishment via EXMO CODE;
  • From fiate currencies available: USD, RUB;
  • Available on Android;
  • Developer API available;
  • Quick support answers.

Sometimes on the stock exchange there are competitions, such as the competition of traders MFCoin, double income for partners or 0% commission for market makers.

The developers of the exchange plan to add POS coins MFCoin.

  • MFCoin input confirmations: 20 (~40 min).
  • MFCoin output fee: 0.01 MFC (fixed).

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4. OCCE.io– It is a new Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange originally created for the Karbo coin. Member of PSM Awards 2019.

Now the exchange is developing and gradually adds new coins.

  • Available POS coins MFCoin on balance;
  • Currently, the bidding fee is 0%;
  • UAH are available from fiate currencies;
  • the KRB crane is available.

User support is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

In Telegram chat exchange sometimes there are competitions on KRB.

  • MFCoin input confirmations: 24 (~48 min).
  • MFCoin output fee: 0.0002 MFC (fixed).

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5. Richamster.com – Ukrainian crypto exchange, participant of PSM Awards 2019 and PSM Awards 2018, where took the 4th place in the nomination “Best project in the field of crypto”.

  • From fiate currencies available: EUR, UAH, USD;
  • There is an auction of its shares, which allow to reduce the commission of its trades, as well as to participate in the management of the exchange and receive a share of its profit.

Among the interesting features can also be noted the presence of its token KUB, which the developers of the exchange plan to integrate into the game Battle of rich Hamsters.

  • MFCoin input confirmations: 5 (~10 min).
  • MFCoin output fee: 1 MFC (fixed).

6. 50x.com exchange

  • There is a well-thought-out system for returning your funds in case of loss of your credentials, you will be able to send all your account balance to BTC or ETH address;
  • A unique A2A system (any to any) that allows trading in any pair with any coin on the stock exchange, liquidity is automatically distributed across all currencies;
  • instant withdrawal of funds;
  • verification is not required;
  • support available 24/7

Also at the first registration the exchange gives a bonus of 250 A2A tokens.

  • MFCoin input confirmations: 5 (~10 min).
  • Minimum trading lot: 440 MFC.

The results:

  • The fastest MFCoin enrollment is now on the Richamster.com stock exchange;
  • The lowest MFC output fee is set to OCCE.io;
  • The Richamster.com Exchange may be attractive to investors;
  • For passive earnings on POS-mining – OCCE.io;
  • App for trading from a smartphone are available on Crex24 and Stex;
  • A well-designed refund system is available on the 50x.com if credentials are lost.

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