Successful MFC hardfork!

Dear friends and colleagues!

As we actually planned it, hardfork of MFCoin took place October 1, 2019. The preparation for this major protocol change started last May and was quite challenging and time-consuming for our whole team of developers. Initially, the main priority was to protect MFCoin from the so-called “attacks 51%” but as the new consensus was underway, technical side of the matter came to the fore. Script algorithm and only PoW-type of protection did not look promising for current tasks of Freeland. In the new solutuon we use 2 protection algorhitms: PoW+PoS where PoW uses MTP-hashing. Also, certain new features are now available within the network, for more information please check the link:

Currently, the new protocol is reaching the expected complexity level. Freeland partners supported the hardfork and are installing relevant updates for their software. This is great news!

New wallets can be downloaded here:

Please mind that the wallets are divided into old and new ones depending on the protocol they are using. If for any reason the user had no time to export his private keys, he can do it any moment. Mac OS and Windows-compatible wallets are currently available for the new protocol.

Please read to know how to import the keys:
…and the link to the explorer:

Development of such a scale takes tremendous amount of time and human efforts. Even major projects like Ethereum take time to get ready to the hardfork and tend to postpone it quite often. Our team managed to change the protocol from scratch in 4 months only. Kudos to the team and our users for such great results!