MFBox was started!


🤩 🤩 🤩 We have launched a new app called MFBox (only for Android now, but the version for Windows is about to be available as well in no time). It is a tool with no space for ads.

To show an ad, you need to know anything about the end user. The advertiser needs at least to know that the user clicked on the link and followed it. The more information someone has about you, the more money he can get by selling ads to you. Whatever we were able to make free, we did! We hereby guarantee that we will not exchange your personal data and your security for the so-called free services. We do not know anything about our users. Literally. This app was actually aimed at you keeping your private data to yourself to the max 🧐

MFBox provides you secure and unlockable connection via VNN. This is the most innovative technology created for serving private users and not bank or corporate networks. VNN can basically provide the same services as VPN, plus many more.

• 😎 Discreet: for a casual observer the whole procedure of visiting websites looks pretty basic, however, it is securely encrypted.
• 🖕 Unlockable: if something goes wrong, the app reacts straight away and the connection shifts to a different channel without any cutoff.
• 👤 Anonymous: you can get registered in MFBox via your crypto-wallet. You will be the only one to own all the data you used for logging in and your account will look as follows: MriE1ciMZYNm9GT3k4E8UGjc2zDGTRa1TrA. No extra data involved.
• 🤓 Handy: you do not need to switch VNN on and off while shifting in between apps. You can choose which apps support VNN and which do not. None of your delivery services (Uber, pizza delivery, what not) will ever lose you if you let their apps follow your location.

• All messages are not just encrypted. They are being transferred via an encrypted channel. Only user devices have the keys for the decrypting.
• Messenger does not have loads of options yet but it is being upgraded really fast.
• By the way, group chats are already operational. Do not forget to have first dibs on a unique nickname of your choice ASAP!

• Your wallet can authorize you online.
• We also developed a payment management system called Crypto Cover. You can be the first in the whole world to use it! You do not need to buy any extra services. This is a great way to save up and get the maximum from the service. MFCoin showed over 200% growth within 3 months! You could have already recouped the costs of the anonymous access simply by using MFBox!

You can download the app on Google Play: