New episodes of Mr. Freeman: donations needed

We have launched production of new Mr. Freeman episodes — two at a time! We do need your support! Please, share this information everywhere you can. We are tearing apart our brain cells so that Freeman can later tear apart brian cells of his audience.

We will post the current amount of donated funds on our official Telegram channel on a daily basis. Well, most want everything for free and are not ready to pay but we are not losing hope.

If you are ready to offer us support of a bigger scale, please DM me. We will place your logo in the episode which will collect millions of views on YouTube. This sort of assistance is the one to really help us work the ropes. We could have hardly handled without it.

Accounts for donations:
ePayments: 000-498071
BTC: 133fgRshofRmyJP1uCiH1BKz2Rc2Nq4Cyo
LTC: LeNZm9rpH35sWp1auSXMq43U6NDhdtZr2i
ETH: 0x30Af7de9C8131Af8fB87a0574209B509dc75e8D6
DASH: Xpp1uVUdGHhHE68M2qYfKWvJ95rDksYGmT

Donated for today: ,00₽
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