MFBox & The New Crypto Understanding

Mr. Freeman recently turned nine. Kind of funny coincidence: the project is nine months younger than Bitcoin. Its background including all the adjoined projects is a mere sequence of social experiments. These separate worlds – the one of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and the one of Mr. Freeman including now Freeland virtual state have one common ground, which is an attempt to present an alternative point of view on general events despite the stagnant question: “Can it really be done like this?”

Mr. Freeman is the brainchild of pure enthusiam without any outer financing involved. It is a DIY project which had almost zero chance to score millions of views and get all the awards it actually did score and did get. It turned out, successful content for grown-up audience can be generated on a no-name basis (the authors of the project used to keep their participation in the project in the dark even during its most high-flying times) and without any mechanisms of advertising monetization. The team behind Mr. Freeman created an accomplished project, blossomed out and engaged themselves in a dialogue with the community of Mr. Freeman’s subscribers and newly-baked fans.

Last year, we launched a much more ambitious experiment: the virtual state of Freeland. We already figured out how to create a community and want to make it a self-organizing system. At this point the paths of Mr. Freeman and Satoshi’s creation were destined to cross. Ideas behind the blockchain technology are a great tool that still needs to be mastered. Slowly but surely, we keep on launching the infrastructure for the self-organizing system: currency, voting system, escrow-projects, identification and exchange tools, etc. We are not launching an ICO and all our mechanisms might not be technological to the moon and back and are being created based on our enthusiam multiplied by the enthusiasm and support of those who share our ideas. Therefore, new rules were implemented: we need to prove our ideas not only to ourselves but also to our supporters. We are not talking about investors here, we simply do not have any. We are talking about people who invested their attention and time in our project. Such investment is a much more valuable one.

The major tool of Freeland is our own cryptocoin, MFCoin. When we were creating it, we harbored no illusions and were ready that MFCoin would become just another ShitCoin and would find its place in between other analogues somewhere closer to the end where alphabetical order is already implemented as all value indexes there equal zero. We were not particularly terrrified by this perspective since we remember the first episode of Mr. Freeman spending a certain amount of time at the same position in YouTube cartoon section. Since our funny money is no better than anyone elses’s and all the positions in the list of digital precious metals are taken, our only chance to make MFCoin valuable was to make our community profit from it as soon as possible. This profit was supposed to be unique against fiat currencies (rubles, dollars, euro, etc). We needed to find something that cannot be merchandised by means of common money and financial tools. Such options can be found on the market if browsed closely.

Say, you bought a cinema ticket. Therefore, you bought the right to watch a certain movie from a certain motion picture company. Question: will you be able to watch this movie at home in a week? You bought the right and paid for it, didn’t you? If your payment was executed by means of fiat currency, it will be next to impossible. However, if you payment was processed in cryptocurrency, everything becomes clear and simple both from technical and legal sides.

Since there are almost no vacant slots among tools of multimillion investments, stock market profit making and accumulation (plus we do not aim to take these slots), we created MFBox, a new product which solves the problem of immediate profit-making from MFCoin. MFBox consists of MFC-wallet, protected messenger and built-in VPN service. None of these elements is unique and such combination might have been already invented by someone. No particular value here. But there is more in this than meets the eye. We elaborated a means of cryptocurrency exploitation that cannot be replicated by fiat money and other financial tools.

Let’s see: VPN services usually offer a subscription model of service delivery. Price of the service is usually relatively low and its essence is transparent to general public. Efforts of certain authorities to impose censorship only make such services more valuable. VPN market is growing.

Now, mind your eye! Our operational scheme is pretty simple: our user downloads the application, activates MFC-wallet and identfies himself in the network using the wallet number. Then he buys subscription by means of fiat (common) money and gets MFC coins which are transferred to his wallet less the price for the first month of subscription. At the same moment the maximum cost of the service in MFC and its cost in fiat money are recorded inside the MFBox app. Just as an example, say, annual subscription costs $48 which corresponds to $4 per month. Let’s assume that MFC exchange rate as of the moment of purchase equals $1 per MFC1. The user pays for the whole year and gets 48-4=44 MFC. These coins will remain in his wallet. If the value of MFC during one month shows x5 growth, we will bill the user for 0.8 MFC, not 4 MFC and the difference in the amount of 3,2 MFC will remain in the ownership of the user. If the coin drops, the cost of the service will not increase since we already recorded the maximum cost of the service as 4 MFC during the whole subscription period.

As a result, the user pays for the services exactly the same amount as he planned plus he also gets a bonus if the MFC exchange rate shifts during his subscription. Postponed services and subscription payments become profitable for the user himself and not for the banking systems.

We understand that such a model incurs certain mathematical risks for us since there is a change we won’t have enough coins in MFBox to accommodate such a pattern. However, our mobile app and desktop client can operate with payments made in fiat currencies. We plan to prove that cryprocurrencies have unique usability aimed at average consumers and that a messenger with an option of cryptocurrency transfer in between users via an encrypted tunnel is a highly serviceable venture.

What do we want from those who managed to read this article up to this point? Of course, we will appreciate shares, reposts and discussions. We will be happy to meet allies who will be able to assist us in translating our materials into Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Turkish and other languages. We are sure that if an idea is not being shared by people on a voluntary basis and requires fee-based advertising, this idea is either flat or outdated.

What do we plan to do further? If our MFBox experiment turns out to be successful and we manage to prove that cryptocurrency can be useful, safe and user-friendly for those who have nothing to do with trading, encryption algorithms and calculations of computing capacities, we plan to create a similar ecosystem and involve businesses and communities which already have certain interest in our social and economic theories. These include a great variety of multispectral companies with postponed payments, membership and subscription.

And of course, we truly hope that the passport of a Freeland citizen backed up by the system of social identification (a separate project we are about to announce to the world) will be accepted as a proper ID by consular and visa sections, financial and governmental bodies.