Second stage

Dear friends!

Most of you know that our Freeland project has been launched 3 months ago from scratch. During the last two months, we managed to implement decentralized register maintenance via blockchain technology, distributed document storage and tested voting procedures, law releases and other processes based on a multichain technology which are soon to go public. We could put into practice a project others only talk about and executive authorities are ready to pay huge budgets for.

Freeland jurisdiction starts accepting applications for residency permits (registration fee equals 5 MFC). Application and registration procedures are 100% decentralized and are part of the multichain structure of Freeland jurisdiction. Residency permit gives its holder the right to apply for citizenship (citizenship fee equals 50K MFC), observe all the processes of establishing the architecture of a virtual jurisdiction from within (without direct participation). User accounts are put into operation for the purposes of registration. Therefore, the next development stage includes buildup of social communication among Freeland participants (citizens and residents) based on a multiblockchain of a virtual jurisdiction, as well as sequential launch and testing of the following operations:

  1. Decentralized voting system for Freeland citizens with further decision-making (strategic, structural, financial and executive);
  2. Maintenance of electronic document flow based on the blockchain technology;
  3. Multisignature for execution of payments with necessary verification;
  4. Launch, maintenance and exploitation of the smart-contract system;
  5. Creation of extra services for Freeland infrastructure: employment offices, points of exchange with escrow services, etc.
Second stage shall also embrace:
  1. Signing of Solutution (analogue of Constitution in territorial states);
  2. Launch of a major PR-campaign;
  3. Floatation of MFC on crypto-currency stock exchanges;
  4. Official description of Freeland strategy and MFC.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let’s make this step together!
Freeland team