Mr. Freeman



Animation character Mr. Freeman is an absolutely non-commercial product, in some way a digital messiah, bearing the main meaning - a person is free in itself, freedom does not need to be acquired, it must be simply realized. It was Freeman's ideas in 2010 that led to the realization of the need to create an extraterritorial (virtual) state for the formation of Ideal Democracy, a self-regulating society capable of forming effective self-government tools. Thanks to Freeman, the understanding of the word "freedom" was reported to millions of people in Eastern and Western Europe. Today Freeman comes out with his public stance into the world. It will be one of the most important symbols and horns of Freeland.



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13 Dec 2017

Freeland Passports

Today was bought the third Paper Passport of Freeland. The first citizens will get their unique documents in 2018. We'll keep you informed!

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30 Oct 2017

MFC @ crypto-currency exchange

We are happy to announce that only 3 months after its launch MFC has entered the crypto-currency stock exchange. In the nearest future Freeland currency is about to become a full value payment means! Please follow the link to exchange MFC to BTC and vice versa:

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15 Oct 2017

Second stage

Dear friends!   Most of you know that our Freeland project has been launched 3 months ago from scratch. During the last two months, we managed to implement decentralized register maintenance via blockchain technology, distributed document storage and tested voting procedures, law releases and other...

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05 Oct 2017


FUND FREEMAN: CROWDSOURCING CAMPAIGN TO SUPPORT PRODUCTION OF WORLD’S NOTORIOUS PROJECT   Authors of a freshly-baked and quickly gaining popularity Freeland virtual state launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the production of a new episode of monologues by Mr. Freeman, the symbol of...