What is MFCoin?

  • Protection mechanism: Proof-of-Work + Bounty campaigns.
  • Hashing algorithm: scrypt.
  • The time of extraction of a new block: ±5 minutes.
  • Reward for the new found block: 50 MFC.
  • Elimination of reward for the found block: every 400.000 blocks.
  • Total number of coins: 50.000.000 MFC.

How can I buy MFCoin?

At the moment MFC can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium.

Exchange rate for 1 MFC equals 0,1 USD.

If you do not have any crypto-currency on hand, we recommend Local Bitcoins https://localbitcoins.com for safe and fast purchase.

You can also use an all-round exchange service. To see the whole list please follow the link: https://www.bestchange.ru/visa-mastercard-rur-to-bitcoin.html

Once the payment has been executed, kindly send us the data about the payment amount, outbound e-mail address and your MFC wallet address to mfcoin.net@gmail.com

Please see the coordinates of our wallets:

  • BTC: 3GgvU2VSgkXeEwfxDEHaC3LZouybxVx5DX
  • ETH: 0x53a2cc1377ceadaEC70E91C5F9b286a2287b541E
  • LTC: LRw1ERW3jJ678PnRbGZopUZ2ymQTMnQDJk

How can I mine MFCoin?

There is a list of solutions for different harware and software, written by users: