MFC is a clone of the popular LiteCoin crypto currency.

  • Protection mechanism: Proof-of-Work & Proof-of-Labour.
  • Hashing algorithm: scrypt.
  • The time of extraction of a new block: 5 minutes.
  • Reward for the new found block: 50 MFC.
  • Elimination of reward for the found block: every 400.000 blocks.
  • Total number of coins: 50.000.000 MFC.

How can I buy MFCoin?


At the moment MFC can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium.
Exchange rate for 1 MFC equals 0,7125 USD.


If you do not have any crypto-currency on hand, we recommend Local Bitcoins for safe and fast purchase.

You can also use an all-round exchange service. To see the whole list please follow the link:


Once the payment has been executed, kindly send us the data about the payment amount, outbound e-mail address and your MFC wallet address to


Please see the coordinates of our wallets:
BTC: 1MLsJ6kcmHudnqda6iFGo7HyYqBFqki4Ld

ETH: 0x53a2cc1377ceadaEC70E91C5F9b286a2287b541E


How can I mine MFCoin?


There is a list of solutions for different harware and software, written by users:

How to start CPU mining?


  1. Open Wallet
  2. Choose Help
  3. Select Debug window
  4. Select Console
  5. Type “setgenerate true -1” to use all processing cores


Note: If you want to use 2 / 4 / 6 cores then use “setgenerate true 4” command to use 4 cores (change the number if u need to). If you want end mining type "setgenerate true 0".


Next step:Now you have to check if your client is mining or not, just type “getmininginfo” command  in that same window, you should start to see your hashespersec reported as following:

"blocks" : 7750,
"currentblocksize" : 1000,
"currentblocktx" : 0,
"difficulty" : 0.00955156,
"errors" : "",
"generate" : true,
"genproclimit" : -1,
"hashespersec" : 573,
"networkhashps" : 7380675,
"pooledtx" : 0,
"testnet" : false


Now you should start to see your hashespersec reported, if hashespersec is not zero, you’re doing it right.

You can also check some other stats with following commands:

  • getdifficulty
  • getinfo

Why do I fail to mine MFCoin?


Blockchain which features a chain of interconnected data blocks is the centerpiece of the de-centralized MFC-coin network. Approximately every five minutes a new block pops up as a result of a newly-solved cryptographic equation. All the computers connected to the network try to solve the equation. However, the award in the amount of MFC 50 shall be granted to the computer that is the first to solve the equation. Therefore, high-efficiency computers shall have a head start. If you do not succeed in winning the award within one or two days, there is a high chance that your computer if not powerful enough for mining. Mind, that as the number of participants goes up, the equations become more sophisticated.

Pool Mining


20 after launching of MFC (on 28th of August, 2017), we have noticed a considerable interest in MFCoin due to a constantly increasing number of wallets. At the same time, new miners with powerful computers started their performance in the web and, therefore, got most awards for the mined blocks. To resolve this issue and let everyone mine the coins, MFCoin has launched an official mining pool at which gives the opportunity to mine coins conjointly even while working on low-capacity machines. Setting requirements for working with the pool can be found in the Help section. Later on, we will also upload a detailed manual on the matter.

We also suggest that you write your instruction in Russian and in English for a bonus in the amount of 60 MFC per one system. In any case, feel free to give us your feedback on how you managed to tune the software and the equipment and got the reward.

Settings of the official pool:

Username: address of your wallet
Password: 123456
Algorithm: scrypt
URL (difficulty 8): stratum+tcp://

Mining programs:

Intel/ATI/AMD CGMiner (3.7.2) Windows:!iQhlGIxa!mzKOfLY6TpOfvPvWE6JFlWdRgHEoshzm99f1hd3ZdRw

Intel/ATI/AMD BFGMiner Linux/Windows:

NVIDIA Cudaminer:

Fabulous Panda Miner Mac OS X:

Minerd CPU Miner Mac/Linux/Windows:

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