The main idea is to try to create your own virtual state with a new society and modern management mechanisms. Create a new extraterritorial state model, called Freeland.

Changes in the existing state systems are possible only through the introduction of an electronic version of the “Public Contract” – the agreement of all with all. Technologically, the “social contract” was simply impossible before. Today, we invite everyone to join the creation of the first virtual state outside the existing states, but taking into account the search for compromises and possible interaction with them.

In a contemporary world a choice of a homeland is a conscious choice of a human being, not an adoption of an old-school feudal model, where a state is a major taxman and provides services based thereon, mostly of a very poor quality. Basically, government in the future will only play a role of a service company whose work should satisfy its citizens and, therefore, consumers. The whole notion of homeland will be pure loyalty to the brand.