30 Oct

MFC @ crypto-currency exchange

We are happy to announce that only 3 months after its launch MFC has entered the crypto-currency stock exchange. In the nearest future Freeland currency is about to become a full value payment means! Please follow the link to exchange MFC to BTC and vice versa:

15 Oct

Second stage

Dear friends!   Most of you know that our Freeland project has been launched 3 months ago from scratch. During the last two months, we managed to implement decentralized register maintenance via blockchain technology, distributed document storage and tested voting procedures, law releases and other...

25 Sep


MFC Wiki-page is done. Now Freeland project will start collecting the articles using its own platform. Just take a look:

13 Sep

Paper Wallet

You want to make maximum protected wallet? Just generate the paper one: Share Key and Secret Key. A MFCoin wallet is as simple as a single pairing of a MFCoin address with it's corresponding MFCoin private key. Such a wallet could generated for you in your web browser, just follow the link:...