25 Sep


MFC Wiki-page is done. Now Freeland project will start collecting the articles using its own platform. Just take a look: https://wiki.mfcoin.net

12 Sep

Stats about MFC-Wallets

How many wallets for today? How many of them have the ballance above zero? What is the total number of transactions? You can check everything here Pool/Wallets/Chain: https://pool.mfcoin.net/chain

06 Sep

Updated Public Pool

We updated our public pool with new design and more functionality: https://pool.mfcoin.net/

28 Aug

Pool Mining

It’s been 20 days since the launch of MFC and we have noticed a considerable interest in MFCoin due to a constantly increasing number of wallets. At the same time, new miners with powerful computers started their performance in the web and, therefore, got most awards for the mined blocks. To resolve this issue...