The Freeland Passport

One of Freeland’s most important socio-cultural experiments is the creation of the Freeland passport. This brand new and unique form of personal identification does not require any confirmation from third parties for authenticity and is fully protected in accordance with all global standards.

The details of each passport are recorded in the blockchain. There is free access to each profile via a QR-code located in the upper right hand corner of the name page. Under the passport owner’s photograph is a public key to the profile’s position in the blockchain. These features allow an individual to check whether the document is valid or counterfeit without the need for any special equipment, just a simple internet connection will suffice.

* Project leader and original text author — Pavel Muntyan
* Art-direction, modelling, animation and VFX — Igor Sandimirov
* Narrator — Mike Rose
* Music score and SFX — Alexey Prosvirnin
* Text adaptation Michael Mennies, Maria Mennies, Olga Yudina
* 2019 © MFC Universe Ltd.